About Us

Sub Zero Siding, LLC is owned by Jeremy Meier and Sammy Rogers. They are long time friends and true-hearted Alaskans with a love for the outdoors. Both started in the siding business at a young age while working for the same local company.

Their combined 25 plus years of experience comes from their many opportunities. Together they have installed siding and exteriors through out Alaska, from Juneau to Barrow. Sub Zero Siding is known for delivering high quality work year around, even in Alaska's temperamental seasons!

One of the many reasons Jeremy and Sammy started their own company was because they saw the lack of quality that many other siding businesses were delivering. They knew that their superior workmanship, experience, and honesty gave them an edge over the competition. Their quality and work ethic speaks for itself!


- Jeremy Meier

- Sammy Rogers